Evaluation Services

Evaluation Services

Transformative Research and Evaluation designs tailored data collection and data strategies to evaluate the efforts of schools and organizations toward the achievement of program objectives and performance measures. We are intentional to collect data that is indicative of the changes that programs seek to make. Data is used for program development, refinement, and assessing the program’s summative impact. We collect and analyze both quantitative and qualitative data including surveys, questionnaires, participants’ pre- and post-tests, interviews, program records, academic data, focus groups, observations, etc. We develop and provide reports and infographics for multiple audiences including funders, program staff, and governing boards.


Past Projects Include:

  • Designed and conducted an evaluation of a longitudinal research study designed to improve mental health and academic outcomes for youth impacted by childhood trauma and adverse childhood experiences
  • Facilitated focus groups, analyzed data, and provided a report and recommendations for an early childhood education provider seeking to improve their professional development model for teachers
  • Designed and conducted an evaluation of a community-based initiative designed to reduce youth violence while improving youth and community outcomes
  • Conducted a multi-site study to develop recommendations and professional development for a consortium of summer learning programs